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"If your students default to a narrow range of career and degree choices then offer them the opportunity to expand their horizons with our personal testing and feedback service."
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Schools where we offer Morrisby Testing:

ACS Cobham

TASIS England

St Stephens School Rome

Zurich International School

Institut Le Rosey

Harrow International School – Beijing

Dulwich Academy Beijing

Dulwich Academy Shanghai

Concordia International School Shanghai

Shanghai American School Puxi Campus

Shanghai American School Pudong Campus

Escola Americana de Campinas

St Pauls School Sao Paulo

Escola Graduada Sao Paulo

The International School of Zug and Luzern

The International School of Dusseldorf

YK Pao School Shanghai

St George’s International School Switzerland

StudentCareers Counseling
For Schools and Organisations

The directors of Global College Counselors Ltd are accredited practitioners of the Morrisby Series of psychometric tests.

This is a battery of tests that examines:

Additionally there are some non-specific speed tests that are designed to measure inner and outer confidence, flexibility, leadership potential and the test taker's default problem solving strategy.

These pencil and paper tests are administered by a GCC associate and take just under 3 hours with a short break. They do not require any special research or homework. These tests have been developed by the Morrisby Organisation, the UK’s leading developer of careers guidance systems and services.

In addition to the tests, the student is required to fill in a 30-40 minute questionnaire, in which they detail any exams that they have taken or are in the process of taking, job aspects that are important to them and the types of work that they think they might like to do.

After the tests and questionnaire have been completed then a full guidance report is produced. This very detailed report then acts as a tool for further discussions with the student. Included in the report is a description of each career area that matches the student’s talents and interests. Alongside these descriptions are qualifications needed and details of relevant professional bodies from whom further information can be obtained.

The students receive their individual reports during a follow up interview with a GCC associate and will last 30-45 minutes.