David AllenDavid Allen
Managing Director GCC, ltd

"With the job market as it is, it is imperative that people choose careers that match their abilities and interests. Our assessment helps make that choice so much easier."
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Advising individuals or groups
Personal Counseling

A small selection of where we have placed students throughout the world

St Andrews University
University of Cambridge
University College London
University of Durham
University of Edinburgh
University of Exeter
University of Glasgow

Boston University
New York University
Columbia University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Chicago
Villanova University
Barnard College

McGill University
University of Toronto
Queens University
University of Waterloo

Rest of the World:
Australia National University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tilburg University

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careers-manPersonal Careers Counseling

Not sure about which career path to follow?
Not sure of your strengths and weakness?

If you need help and guidance then we can help.

As trained and accredited practitioners in the use of the Morrisby Profile Report and Guidance Service, GCC Ltd are able to offer you detailed and realistic advice.
This battery of psychometric tests is able to offer you a unique insight into:

your general reasoning skills;
verbal, numerical, perceptual, spatial and mechanical abilities;
your personal style of learning; problem solving and leadership potential.

Using this comprehensive battery of tests we will be able to offer you an in depth feedback interview with a fully accredited adviser, where you will be given ample time to discuss the detailed report and different careers options identified by the guidance report. This will include suggested qualifications to be gained and potential career paths to follow.